Official Portrait - DianneThank you so much for visiting my campaign website! I am honored to be running for my 9th term as state representative for New Mexico District 38 (Grant and Sierra Counties). It has been my pleasure to serve the people of District 38 for 16 years and I look forward to another productive legislative term.

Many of you know me from my years on the radio, or went to school with one or all of my four children. Since I have become a legislator, I have had the wonderful opportunity of meeting many more residents of District 38, even as that district’s boundaries have changed a bit over the years. It is a true pleasure to represent District 38, and I thank all of you for your support and feedback.

I’m ready to continue to work for more jobs, better schools, and stronger communities. This year, I am focused on several key issues to bring before the 2015 Legislature:

  • I will be submitting a bill to start a PTSD program that utilizes virtual reality technology to provide a personalized, individual therapy experience. This therapy can travel statewide, and my bill will provide funding to train MSW students at WNMU to administer the therapy.
  • It’s time to bring our elections into the 21st century. I will be submitting joint legislation in 2015 to require voters to confirm their identity with a state photo ID, social security number, or tribal ID before voting. This is a basic and quite simple safeguard, comparable with other daily transactions, like writing a check at a store, confirming credit card purchases, or going to the doctor – all of which require proof of identity.
  • I will again support an early intervention program to ensure our children are reading by the 3rd grade. This program will provide additional resources and reading specialists as early as kindergarten to target any children showing difficulty. As my teacher friends tell me, we learn to read until the 3rd grade; after that, we must use our reading to continue learning at more advanced levels.
  • Everyone running for office will tell you that this year it’s “jobs, jobs, jobs.” I don’t disagree. But where do you think jobs come from? Jobs come from businesses. Our state consistently rates at the bottom for being business-friendly. I would like New Mexico to be a state that values and supports all our businesses – new or long-established, small or large, technology or retail. Every business is important to New Mexico.




Dianne Hamilton
State Representative, District 38